Network problems

Network Operations Center: Type: Issue State: Solved Start Time: 29-4-2016 14:52:00 End Time: 29-4-2016 14:54:00

SOLVED - Network problems

Regarding the network problems you have experienced.

At 14.52 CEST one of our core routers performed an unannounced reload. All traffic automatically switched to our redundant infrastructure. Due to this "packet loss" and "higher latency" might have had impact on your services.

After the reload of the initial main router our network team discovered a memory leak in the software of the initial supervisor which caused this problem. All traffic has been rerouted and no further impact will occur.

Our network team will evaluate the issue and possibly send an update through this channel.

Please contact us immediately when you still face any difficulties on your services or have any related questions. You can easily reach us on or initiate a chat conversation on

Our sincere apologies for the inconvenience, and we want to thank you for your understanding.